Two police officers shot dead in Iraq

Two police officers have been killed in separate incidents in occupied Iraq.

    There was no let up in attacks against American soldiers

    Aljazeera correspondent said on Saturday the police chief of Kufa, Saeed Tryak, was killed and one of his escorts injured when their car was attacked at al-Adala in Najaf, south east of Baghdad.

    The police chief of al-Mahmudiya in Baghdad, Usama Husayn, was also killed when he was shot at by men in police uniforms. The attack took place when he was leaving his house in al-Khadra neighbourhood of Baghdad.

    Elsewhere in the capital, two people were injured when a rocket was fired at a residential area. Police said a house was damaged in the explosion and t

    wo men inside it injured. Angry residents blamed the Americans for the attack.

    Car bomb

    In Baquba, north of Baghdad, a car bomb exploded on Saturday morning near a US military patrol, wounding several people.

    An Iraqi civilian wounded in the blast said it took place in al-Aswad village.

    A policeman said two US vehicles were damaged and several
    soldiers wounded.

    Iraqi policemen have been
    targeted in a number of attacks

    Also in Baquba, a member of the local council escaped an assassination attempt when armed fighters opened fire on his car, police said. 

    About two dozen armed men opened fire on the main road linking the city with the nearby village of Kanaan, First Lieutenant Yasir Mahmud told AFP. 

    Council member Abu Saida and Muhammad Saeed Kufi, an adviser to the city council president who was in the car, escaped unharmed. 

    Angry job-seekers

    The southern Iraqi city of Basra witnessed some violence on Saturday which left a policeman slightly injured when angry residents waiting to be hired at the newly established customs service attacked his car, an AFP correspondent on the scene reported.

    The job-seekers hurled rocks at policemen who were guarding the customs building after British soldiers withdrew and 

    photographers on the scene were attacked. 

    "We want jobs notably in the customs police department," said one of the demonstrators. "We decided to protest because our demands are ignored." 

    UN official's visit

     Lakhdar Brahimi: UN special envoy 

    Meanwhile, UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is due to arrive in Baghdad within the next few days on a "vital" visit connected with the transition of power, a member of Iraq's interim Governing Council said on Saturday. 

    "Brahimi is expected to arrive in the next few days. He will be here before Tuesday," Muwaffaq al-Rubaie told AFP. 

    "His visit will be very important and vital for the agreement to
    form an interim government" to take over power from the US-led occupation authority set for 30 June, he said. 

    Rubaie said Brahimi was expected to "hold meetings with the
    Governing Council as a whole and with council members, as well as other political, social and religious parties outside the Governing Council." 

    "He is due to discuss the acceptable means to form an interim
    transitional government," said Rubaie.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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