US soldiers, civilians missing near Baghdad

Two US occupation soldiers have been reported missing after an attack on their convoy near Baghdad by Iraqi resistance fighters.

    Attacks on the occupation forces are growing fierce

    The US military on Friday said an unknown number of US civilian contractors were also missing following the attack. Witnesses said the convoy included US military vehicles and fuel tankers.

    "There are two soldiers missing as a result of an attack on the convoy today … the attack occurred right around Baghdad International Airport," US military spokesman Justin McCue said on Friday.


    The assault on the soldiers' convoy took place about 12.25 pm local time. Locals said at least nine people had been killed in the attack.

    McCue said it was currently unknown if the soldiers had been abducted.

    Earlier during the day, US Central Command said a member of the 13th Corps Support Command had been killed and 12 wounded in an attack on their convoy near Baghdad International Airport.

    It is believed the missing soldiers and the contractors were part of the same convoy.

    US television channel CNN also reported several American civilians were unaccounted for in Iraq.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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