Reaction to al-Rantisi assassination

Dr Abd Al-Aziz al-Rantisi died within minutes of arriving at Gaza City hospital, where thousands of angry supporters congregated after the Apache helicopter gunship attack on his car.

    A father of six, al-Rantisi never compromised on resistance

    Regional and international reaction has swiftly followed the air raid on Saturday that killed the 56-year-old Hamas spokesman and two passengers in his car.

    "The British government has made it repeatedly clear that so-called 'targeted assassinations' of this kind are unlawful, unjustified and counter-productive."

    Jack Straw, British Foreign Secretary

    "We ask the international community to enforce the Geneva Convention and send an international protection force to the Palestinian territories immediately."  
    Saib Uraiqat, the Palestinian negotiation minister

    "Al-Rantisi's blood will not flow in vain."

    Ismail Haniya, a possible contender to replace al-Rantisi

    "We cannot fail to be pleased with this operation for it is necessary to continue to eliminate the terrorists as we did with Yasin."

    Uzi Landau, Israeli minister without portfolio

    Britain's Jack Straw: Such killings
    are unlawful and unjustified 

    "The mercy of God upon al-Rantisi ... Israel commits crimes and is rewarded by the American president. When it commits state terrorism, it gets promises."

    Nabil Shaath, Palestinian minister

    "We condemn this. It is state-terrorism and this is clear proof that Israel cannot live in a climate of stability.

    They do not want a climate of stability. They need a climate of tension and violence."

    Hussam Zaki, Arab League spokesman

    "Israel has been given a free hand by the United States to continue its policy of destruction, of siege, of assassination.  

    Right now what is happening is very dangerous. You are closing off all options. You are saying to the Palestinians: 'You have no political recourse, no recourse to the law, no justice anywhere.'" 
    Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian law maker

    "Al-Rantisi's only crime was to say things Israel does not want to hear.

    Just like Shaikh Yasin's murder, al-Rantisi's death proves Israel does not accept freedom of speech. Your tongue can make you a 'terrorist'."

    Demonstrator outside Palestinian hospital in Gaza City

    "Our revenge will be swift and strong."

    Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades supporters

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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