Quraya in London for talks with Blair

Palestinian premier Ahmad Quraya has arrived in London for an official visit during which he is to hold talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    It is Quraya's first UK visit since becoming prime minister

    The political counsellor for the delegation, Maisun Shurrafa, confirmed that Quraya arrived at the British capital's, Heathrow airport on Sunday evening. 

    It is his first visit to Britain since taking up the post of prime minister last September.

    Quraya is also due to hold talks on Monday with Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw. Shurrafa said the talks were expected to focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    The discussions with Blair and Straw "will be a lot about the peace process as a whole and the wall, and there will be some security issues as well," she added. 

    Quraya recently conducted a European tour to campaign against Israel's controversial West Bank barrier, including visits to Italy and Germany. 



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