Children killed in Baghdad blast

At least two children, aged three and seven, and an elderly woman have been killed after an explosion rocked a Baghdad neighbourhood.

    This is not the first time US weapons have hit civilian areas

    Local residents said US artillery fire late on Tuesday shook the al-Dura area, injuring another two civilians and destroying three homes.

    US occupation forces use so-called "harassing" artillery fire in an attempt to curtail the movements of Iraqi resistance fighters.

    But many Iraqi civilians say that these US shells often go astray and hit their homes. 

    Al-Dura resident Sabah Ismail, whose house was damaged said: "The people who target our houses cannot possibly be Muslims. There are Americans and Zionists who crave to destroy our lives."

    A US army officer claimed the explosion was caused by resistance fighters firing missiles. 

    US missiles killed six members of an Iraqi family including four children on Sunday in Zuham village north of Baghdad.  

    SOURCE: Agencies


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