Four Palestinians killed in Israeli action

Two Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air strike on southern Lebanon and two Hamas fighters shot dead by occupation troops near the Jewish settlement of Morag on Tuesday.

    Rockets were fired by a group enraged by Yasin's assassination

    Israel's army claimed the air strike was aimed at a group of Palestinians preparing to fire rockets into Israel.

    Lebanese security sources, however, said the air strike came after three rockets were fired at Israel by a group of Palestinians enraged by Monday's assassination of Shaikh Ahmad Yasin in Gaza.

    A third Palestinian was wounded in the air strike. The security sources failed to say whether the Palestinians belonged to a particular group.

    Gaza killing

    In the Gaza Strip, Hamas sources said two of its men were killed near the Jewish settlement of Morag by Israeli occupation troops while planting a bomb.

    Lebanon's Hizb Allah fighters, meanwhile, attacked Israeli posts along a disputed border on Monday, in response to the assassination of Shaikh Yasin.

    Hizb Allah leader Shaikh Hasan Nasr Allah said after Shaikh Yasin's death that: "The Zionists will discover soon that they have committed a very big folly to add to their series of previous follies."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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