Saudi forces claim al-Qaida victory

A Yemeni shot in Saudi Arabia on Monday has turned out to be an al-Qaida leader for not only the kingdom, but also for the rest of the Gulf, say Saudi security forces.

    Four of the 26 on the Saudi 'most wanted' list have been shot

    Khalid Ali bin Hajj and Abd Al-Aziz bin Muhammad al-Mazini were both shot dead by police after they failed to stop their jeep when ordered.

    The shooting took place about midday in al-Nasim quarter of the capital.

    Hajj ranked third on an initial list of 26 most wanted Islamists, alleged to have links with bombings which killed 52 people in Riyadh in May and November 2003.

    However, since the list was first issued in December four members have been shot or died of their wounds and another has surrendered.



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