Kuwait will demand Saddam's death

Kuwait will demand former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein be sentenced to death for crimes against the oil-rich Gulf Arab state.

    The captured leader was found near his home town of Tikrit

    Kuwaiti public prosecutor Hamid al-Uthman made the announcement in remarks published on Tuesday.

    Iraqi troops were ousted from Kuwait by a US-led international coalition after Baghdad invaded and occupied its neighbour in 1990 until 1991.

    Kuwait acted as the launchpad for the US-led war against Iraq last year.

    The former Iraqi leader is in US custody in an undisclosed location after his capture in December.

    Al-Uthman told the Kuwait Times daily newspaper the Kuwait government had prepared a long list of charges, which he said was supported by evidence, against Saddam.

    He said the Kuwaiti Council of Ministers recently formed a committee headed by Justice Minister Ahmad Bakr to join Kuwait's prosecution in Saddam's trial.

    The government, which is cooperating with Iraqi prosecutors to arrange for Kuwait's involvement in a trial of Saddam, has prepared numerous files including hundreds of testimonies by Kuwaitis and Iraqis, he added.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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