US condemned for human rights abuses

China has scolded the United States over everything from the war in Iraq to racial clashes in Cincinnati.

    China says 13,000 civilians have died in the last two US wars

    In a new report on America's human rights record, China reeled off

     snapshots of

    America's social ills, from murder, rape and homelessness to

    the scandal over fabricated stories that befell the New York


    The report, released on Monday, was based on articles in US newspapers

    and US government statistics.

    It seized on nationally publicised incidents like the fatal

    clash last November between Cincinnati police and a 41-year-old

    black man, the latest incident of racial tension in the

    Midwestern city which was hit by race riots in 2001.

    "Forty years after Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream'

    speech, the equal rights pursued by America's blacks and other

    minorities remains a dream that can be aspired to, but not

    attained," the report said.

    Flawed democracy?

    "As in previous years, the United States is again playing

    the part of the world's 'human rights police'.

    And as in previous years, the US report again

    leaves out the United States' age-old malpractices and problems

    with human rights"

    Chinese report on US human rights

    China also exposed the weight big business exerts

    on the American electoral process, quoting Britain's

    Independent newspaper as saying President George Bush had

    amassed $200 million for the 2004 campaign.

    "The presidential election, viewed as a symbol of American

    democracy, in reality is a money game played by the rich."

    But the Communist nation reserved one of its harshest indictments for American

    actions abroad since the September 11 attacks.

    Quoting another report in the Independent, it said 13,000

    unarmed men, women and children died in attacks led by US-led

    forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, calling the Iraq campaign the

    bloodiest for civilians since the Vietnam War.

    Beijing's annual assessment of human rights in America came

    in retaliation to the US report on 191 countries last week,

    which upbraided China for "backsliding".

    World policeman

    A US official also

    said Washington was heading in the direction of a UN

    resolution on China's rights record.

    "As in previous years, the United States is again playing

    the part of the world's 'human rights police'," the Chinese

    report began.

    "And as in previous years, the US report again

    leaves out the United States' age-old malpractices and problems

    with human rights.

    "Because of this, we also cannot but do as we've done in

    previous years, and help the United States fill in its record

    on human rights."

    China says it must maintain social 
    stability at all cost 

    Whereas the US charges target abuses of individual liberties,

    Beijing insists that basic human rights means putting priority

    on sheltering, clothing and feeding its 1.3 billion people -

    and preserving social stability at almost any cost.

    Sharp differences

    The Communist government also bristled at what it deems to

    be perennial US meddling in others' domestic affairs.

    Last week, China flatly rejected US accusations of

    extrajudicial killings and torture, suppression of political

    and religious groups and foot-dragging on steps towards

    democracy in Hong Kong.

    It was the fifth straight year Beijing has issued a report on the rights record of the United States.

    Sharp differences notwithstanding, the

    two countries engage in a human rights dialogue.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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