Four Palestinians killed in Israeli raid

Israeli occupation forces invaded a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, killing at least four Palestinians in gun battles hours after a failed Palestinian attack on the Israel-Gaza border.

    Six Palestinians were killed on Saturday in a border attack

    Witnesses said dozens of armoured vehicles took part in the invasion of the Buraij camp in the central Gaza Strip on Sunday.
    Earlier, six Palestinians were killed on Saturday during a failed assault in fake Israeli army jeeps at the Erez crossing.

    It was an unusual combined attack by three resistance groups, i


    Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

    , a Hamas

    source said.

    Cooperation among the groups

    is likely to fuel

    US fears that Israel's threatened unilateral pullback in Gaza

    could cause anarchy in the area.

    The fake army jeeps, complete with wire mesh screens used as

    protection against Palestinian rock-throwers, was a new tactic

    in a Palestinian uprising that began in September 2000.

    Brigadier-General Gadi Shamni, commander of Israeli forces

    in northern Gaza, said the assault began when a Palestinian car

    exploded at the heavily guarded main Israel-Gaza border crossing

    at Erez.

    Policemen killed

    Hamas said the driver was

    killed in the bombing. Shamni said no Israelis were hurt.

    Soon after, two jeeps painted in Israeli army khaki raced to

    the scene as if responding to the blast and a Palestinian gunman

    in the lead vehicle fired on soldiers, who shot him and the

    driver dead, Shamni said.

    The second jeep then exploded near a Palestinian police post

    about 100m away, killing the driver.

    The Erez crossing is the gateway
    to coveted jobs in Israel

    Hospital officials said two other Palestinians, both policemen,

    were killed and 15 wounded.

    "It's possible the Palestinian (policemen) tried to stop the

    jeep and the driver blew himself up or something malfunctioned,"

    Shamni said.

    Palestinian security sources said Israeli forces

    had fired at the vehicle, but Shamni denied this.

    Palestinian shot dead

    The violence at the flashpoint frontier erupted three days

    after an Israeli missile strike killed three Hamas resistance fighters



    The area, like the West Bank, was sealed off by Israel on

    Thursday in a security alert for the Jewish holiday of Purim.

    For thousands of Palestinian labourers Erez, in the northern

    Gaza Strip, is a gateway to coveted jobs in Israel and in an

    Israeli-run industrial zone at the crossing.

    Earlier on Saturday, Israeli soldiers shot dead a

    Palestinian in the West Bank city of Tulkarm, an Israeli

    military source said.

    Local residents said he was an unarmed policeman in uniform

    caught up in a confrontation between soldiers and


    The military source said he was dressed in a

    camouflage uniform and armed with an assault rifle.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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