Mobile phones that matchmake

Ever wondered if you have walked past the person of your dreams without realising?

    Meeting the right person may no longer be down to luck

    A new technology has been taken up that might identify that perfect partner when they are just a heartbeat away.

    Using Bluetooth wireless technology - a short-range system built into many mobile phones - would-be daters subscribe to a service that stores a personal profile, their photograph and a wish-list of what they are looking for in a partner.
    When the database spots enough similarities between two people who are in close proximity – no matter if it is in a shopping mall, office, bar or cafe - the service tells their mobile phones to communicate with each other, sending over a package of details and a picture.
    After the help of technology, comes the human bit - deciding whether and how to talk to a complete stranger.

    The idea, called Serendipity, is the brainchild of four scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, according to the report in next Saturday's issue of the British weekly New Scientist.
    Their hope is to take some of the roughness out of blind dating.
    Online dating rooms are spreading fast on the internet, where subscribers email each other.

    With Bluetooth technology, potential matches will "connect" when they are within 10 metres of each other.
    Participants can adjust the settings in line with their mood and willingness to meet strangers.
    For instance, they may want their profiles to be sent only to friends of friends, and can alter their availability according to their mood or whether they are in a situation for socialising.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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