Fifteen killed in Turkey floods

Fifteen people have been killed in floods and avalanches triggered by torrential rains and melting snow over the past two days in eastern and southeast Turkey.

    The floods have engulfed eastern and southeast Turkey

    The latest victim was a seven-year girl whose body was found 700m from her house after she was swept away on Saturday by floodwaters in Cat, eastern Turkey, Anatolia news agency reported on Sunday. 

    Three deaths were reported in the eastern town of Erzurum, two in Batman in the southeast and another in Bitlis, while five people were unaccounted for in Kony, central Turkey, and Silifke in the south, officials said. 

    Meanwhile, eight people, including a 60-year-old British skier, died in avalanches in eastern Turkey on Friday and on Saturday. 

    In Silifke, nearly 10,000 houses were submerged by overflowing waters of the Goksu river, Anatolia quoted the provincial governor, Atilla Osmancelebioglu, as saying. 

    It said the sole bridge linking the eastern Ardahan province to
    neighbouring Georgia was swept away by waters of the Kura river.



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