US detains Baath party chairman

A former Baath party chairman was turned over to US forces at the weekend, a defence official said on Monday.

    Many of the 55 most wanted Iraqis have been caught or killed


    Khidr al-Khafaji, number

    48 on the US list of most-wanted Iraqis,

    turned himself in to Iraqis who then handed him over to US

    forces, the official said.

    Muhsin was the Baath Party chairman for al-Qadisiyah governorate and was the

    three of diamonds in the deck of cards identifying the United

    States' most wanted.

    If confirmed, al-Khafaji's arrest would mean that 43 of the 55 Iraqis on the list have been caught or killed so far.

    Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri, Saddam Hussein's former deputy, is the highest-ranking former government official still at large.

    Resistance fighters

    The US accuses al-Duri of being one of the key organisers of resistance attacks around Samarra and Tikrit.

    Meanwhile, troops from the Fourth Infantry Division have

    captured 11 Iraqis suspected of involvement in anti-coalition

    activities, the military said.

    Six suspected resistance fighters were seized in Samarra on Saturday

    without incident, the Central Command announced.

    Five others believed to be weapons dealers were arrested outside

    the town of Mukdadiyah on the same day.

    Two AK-47 assault rifles, two 9mm pistols, four 9mm ammunition

    magazines, and nine AK-47 ammunition magazines were confiscated from




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