Former Iraqi interior minister captured

A senior Baath Party member on the US list of most wanted Iraqis has been captured, Aljazeera television reported on Sunday.

    Al-Saadun was 41 on the list of 55 most wanted Iraqis

    Iraq's interior ministry undersecretary Ahmad Kazim

    told Aljazeera

     that Muhammad Zimam Abd A

    l-Razzaq al-Saadun


    captured by special Iraqi police forces, acting on a tipoff from

    citizens, after they pursued him for 10 days.

    Al-Saadun, who was a Baath party chairman and fomer Iraqi interior minister,

     was number 41 and the four of spades in the US list of 55

    most-wanted Iraqis.

    Forty four of the 55 Iraqis on the list have now either been detained or killed.

    Iraqis killed

    Meanwhile, two Iraqis were killed and three others wounded when

     resistance fighters mistakenly hit a minibus with a rocket-propelled grenade in Baghdad after trying to attack a US convoy, a hospital doctor said.

    The incident happened in the Shia Muslim district of Shaawla on Sunday

     in northwest Baghdad.

    SUVs are often used by US forces
    in Iraq

    Also on Sunday, a US military patrol came under small

    arms fire

    on the western edge of Baghdad, but there

    were no casualties.

    A US military spokesman said t

    he convoy was ambushed at 0600 GMT

    , adding no US vehicles or soldiers were harmed in the

    attack in the al-Adl suburb.


    The exchange left the attackers' sports utility vehicle

    (SUV) in flames, but it was not clear if the assailants were hurt,

    the spokesman said.

    However, witnesses said bodies had been removed

    from the car.

    After the firefight, policemen surrounded the area with US troops in back up.

    Initially, witnesses said they thought the SUV belonged to

    westerners, but the US military disputed that account.

    SUVs are the vehicle of choice for the US-run occupation

    administration and western contractors.

    Resistance fighters have previously ambushed SUVs with bombs and gunfire

    on the premise the passengers were associated with the US-led occupation force

     in Iraq.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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