TV chief wants naked teachers

Having trouble learning French? Need some help with those German lessons?

    Likely that vast majority will prefer more traditional methods

    Then speak to Jesse Au King-wai, who has a novel idea for teaching languages.

    "Naked teachers are the way forward," says the 34-year old who is leading a mini-revolution in straight-laced Hong Kong.

    "I want to make nudity educational, as well as entertaining."

    An animator by trade, Au's company Lemonation does most of its business creating and distributing children's animation, taking Japanese programming and selling it on to China.

    But after Lemonation purchased Hong Kong's newest adult digital TV channel Fire/Ice, Au suddenly became a leading applied linguistician.

    Stimulating or sleazy?

    "I'm just making it easier to deal with nudity by presenting it in a different way, away from the sleaze that it's usually associated with."

    But Au is also intent on breaking as many taboos as possible.

    "I like the idea of putting together things that shouldn't go, like education and nudity," Au says in a hurried phone call during a 10-minute slot in a schedule he describes as exhausting.

    News in briefs

    His latest televisual concoction fits that ethos perfectly. Fire/Ice News is a five-minute late-night news bulletin presented by a stripper. 

    "I want to make nudity educational, as well as entertaining"

    Jesse Au King-wai,
    Lemonation chief executive

    In the first show, which was aired on Saturday, 18-year-old model Chan Long stripped down to her underwear as she read the news before ending the show completely naked. 

    "It's obviously not a show that will be watched for its news coverage," said Au, who writes the reports himself.

    "It's just a different way of presenting two old and often tired forms of programming - the news and adult content."
    Art buff or art bluff
    In his quest to upset TV norms Au hopes to create something that approaches art. 

    "It's not art in itself, but it is creative in a way that hasn't been dealt with before in Hong Kong. I like to do different things - and make people think."

    Au's Fire/Ice News is not a new concept - it takes a cue from the online Canadian news show 

    But for Hong Kong the naked news bulletin is nothing short of revolutionary.  

    "People have been talking about doing this sort of thing for a long time but they just couldn't get over the cultural obstacles - Hong Kong can be very."

    Fire/Ice News is not going to win Au the Pulitzer prize, but he says he expects the show to open the floodgates to more local adult programming.



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