signs marketing pact has signed a strategic agreement with NetAdvantge e-marketing company.

    The two sides shake hands on the deal in Dubai

    According to the agreement, which was signed on Wednesday in Dubai, NetAdvantage will be responsible for marketing and managing its online advertising.

    The chief executive of NetAdvantage, Khaldoun Tabaza, described Aljazeera. net as "the most popular website inside and outside the Arab world," something which prompted his company to sign the agreement.

    "Another motive was the growth of the online advertising in the Arab world," explained Tabaza.

    "We expect that will grow to dominate a third of the share of the total online advertising expenditure in the Arab world," said NetAdvantage regional director Duri al-Ajrami.

    The two sides are forecasting the online advertising expenditure in the Arab world to reach at least $8 million by  the end of 2004.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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