Razzies for Lopez and Affleck

Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have picked up a total of six awards for their starring roles in the film Gigli.

    Lopez and Affleck have missed out at the Oscars in 2004

    But the ex-couple did not turn up to collect their $5 glass statuettes on Sunday, as their film was voted top of the flops at this years Golden Raspberries.

    The Razzies, as they are affectionately known, recognise the worst films of the year.

    The event is held the day before the Oscars – in a sobering prequel to Hollywood's biggest self-congratulating back-slapping night of the year.

    Show won't go on

    There was no red carpet and absolutely no stars in attendance at the ceremony. In fact one actor has ever turned up to collect an award in the Razzies 24 year history.

    Tom Green appears to have been Hollywood's first celeb to take responsibility for his terrible film - Freddy Got Fingered.

    His brave attempt to laugh at himself won him so much credence it is a wonder why others have not followed suit.
    Apart from Gigli, the biggest contenders for this year's awards were The Cat in the Hat, starring Mike Myers in the adaptation of the classic Dr Seuss tale.


    Actor Tim Robbins and director
    Clint Eastwood may get real awards

    But it was Gigli which walked away with six awards, including worst actor and actress for Affleck and Lopez.

    Gigli sees Lopez play a lesbian assassin sent to help Affleck, a thug on a kidnap mission, but things go wrong when they begin to fall in love.

    The film was universally panned by the critics and generally audiences stayed away in their droves despite the publicity it was receiving over the relationship of its two stars - who collectively became known as Bennifer.
    Its director Martin Brest also came in for a lot of stick, with a worst director and worst screenplay titles to add to his credentials.

    And of course the ignominy of the worst picture title went to Gigli, which Brest also had a hand in producing.

    Sly award

    But the Cat in the Hat did not escape totally as it was named in the new category of Worst Excuse for an Actual Movie.

    Sylvester Stallone also hit a milestone by winning his 10th Razzie award, this year for Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.

    He has a record tally of 30 nominations to his name.

    Girl power got the big thumbs down from the Razzie voters as Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle was named worst remake or sequel while Demi Moore was "crowned" worst supporting actress.
    But Gigli did even worse than last year's big "winner" -  Madonna and Guy Ritchie's Swept Away.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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