25 US troops hurt in Kuwait

Twenty five US soldiers were injured when their bus overturned near an air force based used by Kuwaiti and American-led forces in northern Kuwait.

    US forces used Kuwait as launch pad to invade Iraq last March

    The incident took place on Sunday near Ali al-Salim Air Base, 70km northwest of the capital Kuwait City, US military spokesman Captain Randall Baucom said on Tuesday.


    "Four of the soldiers were taken to a Kuwaiti armed forces hospital and are in a stable condition, while 21 were treated at a local camp," Baucom added.


    He said Kuwaiti police were questioning the bus driver, a Kenyan national. He did not elaborate.


    Local company


    The bus, which was leased from a local company, was driving along a highway to the base when the accident happened, Baucom said.


    News of the accident broke only on Tuesday when the local newspaper Al-Anba

    reported it with Kuwaiti sources.


    Kuwait has been a major ally of Washington in the region, since a US-led coalition fought the 1991 Gulf War that ousted occupying Iraqi forces.


    The small oil-rich state was the launchpad for the invasion of Iraq that toppled Saddam Hussein in April.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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