Aljazeera Mobile launched in Egypt

Aljazeera Mobile news service has been launched in Egypt through Vodafone GSM operator at Cairo's International Fair for Telecommunication and Information.

    Aljazeera Mobile uses the Applicable Wireless Technology

    After the launch, Vodafone said it expected to attract more subscribers. and Al-Majaz Communication Group launched the service in October 2003 to provide subscribers with the latest news, via text messages sent to their mobile phones.

    Qatar Telecommunication (Q-Tel) was the first company in the Middle East to introduce the service.

    Aljazeera Mobile service is based on the Applicable Wireless Technology (AWT) that links televised media services with mobile systems in a way similar to portable TVs.

    Abd al-Aziz al-Mahmud, editor-in-chief has said, with the launch of the service Aljazeera news is now available through a third medium after satellite broadcasting and the internet.

    " is determined to launch this service in North Africa and other countries all over the world in later stages," he added.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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