Istanbul attacks suspect charged

A Turkish court has charged another suspect in connection with the bombings of British and Jewish interests in Istanbul in November.

    The Istanbul attacks killed 62 people

    Anatolia news agency

    reported on Friday that

    Ahmet Demir, detained on 26 December, was remanded in custody on 

    Friday after being charged with membership of a criminal


    He was "not directly linked to the bomb attacks" but had ties

    with Harun Ilhan, the suspected mastermind behind the attacks on

    two synagogues, the British consulate and a British bank.

    Ilhan has been accused of seeking to overthrow Turkey's

    constitutional order after allegedly admitting under questioning

    that a foreign cruise liner had also been a target.


    But he said the plan had been abandoned because it was too

    difficult to organise, according to Anatolia.

    Also on 26 December, Turkish authorities announced they had

    "put out of action" the group behind the Istanbul attacks in which

    62 people died and hundreds more were injured.

    They say the group is linked to Usama bin Laden's al-Qaida

    network, although the claim is not proven.

    So far 45 people out of 160 held for questioning have been

    charged in the ongoing judicial investigation.



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