Palestinians held in Israeli raids

Twenty Palestinians were captured during an overnight invasion of the Tulkarim refugee camp in the West Bank, the Israeli military claimed on Tuesday.

    Israel claims many of those arrested were activists

    Five other Palestinians from the camp were held over the previous 24 hours. Three were shot and wounded on Monday during an Israeli operation. 

    Fourteen Palestinians captured elsewhere in the West Bank were mainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad activists.

    Houses shelled

    Our correspondent in the West Bank said two houses in the Tulkarim camp were set ablaze on Monday in shelling by the occupation forces during the invasion.

    "The occupation soldiers detained hundreds of Palestinians, forcing them to spend the night in the open air under miserable weather conditions," our correspondent said.

    A curfew was imposed on the camp for the second day, he added.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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