Israel won't expel Swedish MP

Israel has dropped its expulsion order against a Swedish MP who was arrested during a protest against the West Bank separation wall.

    Israel has fired at peace activists on a number of occasions

    Gustav Fridolin was due to be expelled on Thursday night but was allowed to stay after he lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court and promised to leave anyway on Sunday, a spokesman for the International Solidarity Movement said on Friday.

    The young Swedish lawmaker, who claimed he was beaten during his arrest on Wednesday, is accused of having penetrated a closed military zone. 

    Expulsion orders were also handed to three other foreign peace activists arrested in the village of Budrus on Wednesday-another Swede and two Americans- who decided to use their right to appeal the order. 

    A week ago, an Israeli peace activist sustained a serious leg
    injury when the army opened fire during a similar protest.   

    Israel says the barrier is vital to its security but Palestinians charge it is a disguised land grab and the international community has roundly condemned it as a serious breach
    of human rights.



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