Three Palestinians killed in Gaza

Israeli soldiers shot dead three Palestinian teenagers suspected of trying to carry out resistance attacks in the occupied Gaza Strip overnight.

    Hamas fighters join the funeral procession of Jihad Musa al-Akhras

    Two young Palestinian activists were shot dead late on Saturday at a crossing point between the eastern Gaza Strip and Israel, said an Israeli military spokesman. He claimed that the pair had been carrying explosives.
    Ashraf Abd al-Salam al-Hayya, 19 and Abd al-Karim Sukkar, 18, were both members of the Hamas resistance group, said Palestinian sources.  
    Their bodies were recovered by a Palestinian medical team close to the Nahal-Oz crossing point and taken to the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

    A third teenager was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, said relatives and Palestinian security sources.   

    Jihad Musa al-Akhras, 16, was sprayed with gunfire by Israeli troops after he approached the fence snaking along the Gaza Strip and Egyptian border, they said.



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