Saudi police capture bomber

A man has been arrested in Saudi Arabia in connection with the bombing of a residential compound in Riyadh that killed 17 people in November.

    Saudi's inspect the devestation following the bomb attack

    Security authorities say they captured the suspected bomber after carrying out raids on a number of addresses in the city. Police claim that they seized weapons including missiles and explosives in searches targeting suspects.

    The bombing claimed the lives of 17 people and injured over 120 when an explosion went off in the Muhaya residential compound that housed mainly Arab foreign workers.

    Saudi authorities said two men drove to the compound gate in a car and began throwing hand grenades inside the compound and opened fire on the security guards.

    The two men then entered the compound in a Toyota disguised as a police vehicle and planted the deadly 300kg explosive.

    Sine the attack on 9 November, Saudi authorities have been cracking down on individuals who they say may be
    involved in planning future attacks in the country.



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