World leaders react

World leaders have reacted with delight to the capture of the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

    Saddam undergoes a medical check in US custody

    Tony Blair, UK prime minister

    "This has lifted a shadow from the people of Iraq, Saddam will not be returning." 

    Catherine Colonna, spokesperson for President Chirac

    "The president is delighted at the arrest of Saddam Hussein. This is a major event which should strongly contribute
    to the democratisation and the stabilisation of Iraq and allow the Iraqis to once more be masters of their destiny in
    a sovereign Iraq".

     Dominique De Villepin, French foreign minister

    "(I) have learnt with satisfaction of the arrest of Saddam Hussein. The page of the Iraqi dictatorship has been turned.
    France hopes that this arrest will contribute to stabilising Iraq, to the return of Iraqi sovereignty in the best conditions and the reconciliation of everyone. (France) also hopes this arrest will reinforce the will of the Iraqis in to commit resolutely to the reconstruction process." 

     Ana Palacio, Spanish foreign minister

    "Today is a great day for the liberty of the Iraqi people. The terrible shadow of this bloody dictator is going to vanish
    and the quality of their liberty will be enhanced. This is important not just for the Iraqi people, for whom it is vitally
    important, but it is a triumph for all of us." 

    Muhammad Ali Abtahi,  Iranian vice president

    "If it is correct, it is very good news. Saddam should be prosecuted because of the crimes he has committed against
    the Iraqi and Iranian people. Iranians have suffered a lot because of him and mass graves in Iraq prove the crimes
    he has committed against the Iraqi people. The news of the arrest of a criminal has made me very happy." 

    SOURCE: Reuters


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