Centcom denies Saddam in Qatar

A spokesperson at US Central Command in Doha has categorically denied reports that captured Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is in Qatar.

    Saddam hid from his captors for almost nine months

    "This is completely inaccurate. Saddam is at a secure, undisclosed location inside of Iraq," Major Dave Farlow told Aljazeera.net on Monday.

    Earlier, CNN reported that the ousted leader had been moved to the Gulf state.

    "I think it's the media feeding on the media," said Farlow. When asked if such reports had risen due to possible plans to move Saddam to military installations in Qatar, he refused to speculate.

    Saddam's whereabouts remain a mystery a day after US officials announced he had been captured in a hole near his hometown,Tikrit.
    A member of the Iraqi Governing Council also denied the news, saying Saddam would be put on trial in Baghdad.
    A senior Qatari official was quoted by Reuters as saying, "It is very unlikely that Saddam would be brought to Qatar... I am not aware of any developments on this front".

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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