Saudis swoop on DIY bomb guide

Saudi Arabia, which has faced a wave of bomb attacks, is fighting a new hi-tech enemy - a do-it-yourself guide to bomb-making.

    Aftermath of a bomb attack on a residential compound in Riyadh

    Authorities in the kingdom have arrested five people after raiding computer shops selling compact disks containing hidden bomb-making instructions, a local newspaper reported on Thursday.

    Police were questioning four owners of computer shops in the southern Jazan region and a fifth person believed to have supplied the CDs to the shops, Al-Watan newspaper said.

    Officials were not immediately available for comment.

    The daily said some of the shop owners might not have known about the bomb-making tutorial files hidden on the CDs. Only someone with technical knowledge would be able to find the files.

    Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of al-Qaida leader Usama bin Ladin, has launched a crackdown on Muslim militants, especially after bombings in the capital Riyadh in May and November killed more than 50 people. The string of attacks have been blamed on al-Qaida.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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