Bali suspect 'did not assemble bomb'

A key Bali nightclub bomber has testified that another suspect on trial for his life did not assemble the biggest bomb to devastate the holidayspot.

    Abdul Ghoni (L) could face a firing squad if found guilty

    Ali Imron was giving evidence on Monday at the trial of Abdul Ghoni, who

    could face a firing squad if found guilty of helping to plan the

    attacks, assemble the bombs and of possessing explosives.

    Imron had been jailed for life for his role in the nightclub

    bombings, which killed 202 people in the holiday on 12

    October last year.

    Three other key suspects, including two of his brothers, had

    been sentenced to death, but Imron received a lighter sentence after

    expressing remorse.

    Police said the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI)

    carried out the attacks to avenge injustices

    against Muslims worldwide.

    Revised statements 

    Ali Imron expressed remorse for
    the bombings

    However, Imron, 33, revised statements he made in earlier


    He said he had earlier mistakenly stated the bombers were

    allotted their tasks during a meeting at the home of a man called

    Hernianto at Solo in Central Java.

    "I remembered that there was a meeting and during the

    re-enactment at Hernianto's place, I felt it was the place. But

    after I talked to Idris (another suspect) I remembered that it

    was at one of the rented houses of Dulmatin, not at

    Hernianto's," Imron told the court.

    Idris, alias Jhony Hendrawan, has not yet been tried while

    Dulmatin is still on the run. Hernianto has been jailed for 12 years

    as an accomplice.

    Imron said the meeting at Hernianto's was a social gathering and

    nothing in particular was discussed.

    Bomb mixing

    He said that during the meeting at Dulmatin's house, Ghoni was

    tasked with mixing the ingredients for the bomb.

    But when it was actually made, Ghoni did not take part in mixing

    the ingredients, Imron alleged. "The one who assembled the bomb was


    Imron said he first met Ghoni in Afghanistan in 1991. They met

    again in Solo in 2002 and twice in Bali in October before the


    Prosecutors said Ghoni - alias Umar, alias Wayan - helped mix

    the chemicals on 1 October after he had crushed the ingredients a

    month earlier.

    The Bali bombings killed 202

    They said he personally delivered four boxes of explosive

    material to Bali and, on the orders of Imam Samudra, delivered $

    1100 to Amrozi in East Java on 4 October.

    Death sentence

    Samudra and Amrozi, along with Mukhlas, have been sentenced to


    Prosecutors have said the largest bomb, packed into a van,

    consisted of 12 filing cabinets filled with 900 kg

    of explosive materials including aluminium powder and


    It devastated the Sari Club and caused most of the casualties.

    Imron has admitted driving the van near to the club before

    another man took over, and that he taught a bomber

    in Paddy's Pub how to detonate an explosives-stuffed vest.

    Ghoni's trial resumes on 8 December.



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