US arrests 41 suspected fighters

US troops have arrested 41 suspected anti-occupation activists, including a man believed to have helped foreign fighters infiltrate Iraq.

    US says human bombings are being carried out by foreigners

    US forces captured 37 resistance fighters in a cordon and search raid east of the hotspot city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, and three individuals suspected of an attack against the family of the city's police chief two weeks ago, a Central Command statement said on Friday. 

    In addition, Fawaz Khalaf, whom the statement described as a "cell leader who is reported to have facilitated the trafficking of foreign fighters into and out Iraq" was arrested. 

    "Khalaf is also suspected of providing weapons and other aid to anti-coalition elements in the al-Anbar region," that includes the flashpoint towns of Ramadi and Falluja. 

    US-led forces contend that most human bombings are perpetrated by foreigners crossing into Iraq whereas small-arms attacks, rocket strikes and roadside bombings are carried out by Iraqi nationals.



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