Israeli army kills youth in West Bank

A Palestinian teenager has been killed by Israeli gunfire during a demonstration near the occupied West Bank town of Nablus.

    The Isreali army says tear gas and rubber bullets were used first

    Medical sources and witnesses said Ahmad Hasan, 14, was fatally shot in the chest on Saturday when Israeli soldiers opened fire against demonstrators throwing stones around Beit Furik. 

    The Israeli soldiers were patrolling the area in a jeep, the sources said.

    Israeli military sources said "dozens of Palestinians attacked the jeep throwing stones and incendiary bottles", adding that soldiers tried to disperse the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets, before opening fire.

    The latest death brings to 3,610 the number of people killed since the Palestinian intifada or uprising broke out in September 2000, including 2,695 Palestinians and 849 Israelis.



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