UK's Iraq war bill tops $3 billion

The invasion and occupation of Iraq have cost Britain more than two billion pounds ($3.4 billion).

    Britain has about 10,000 troops in Iraq

    Quoting the Treasury, the Financial Times on Friday reported that the cost of fighting in Iraq was 850 million pounds ($1500 million) in the year to the end of March, shortly after the US-led invasion to topple former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein began.


    A further 1.23 billion pounds ($2.10 billion) has been spent in the current financial

    year, the newspaper reported.


    According to The Financial Times the three billion pounds ($ 5.2 billion) set aside to cover the costs of fighting Iraq will, at this rate, run out in the first half of 2004.


    It has been estimated that Britain's continuing peace-keeping presence in Iraq is costing between 100 million and 200 million pounds a month ($172 million and $343 million), it said.


    Britain has about 10,000 troops in Iraq, most of them in the south of the country.



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