Iraqis badly wounded in explosions

Two Iraqi men were seriously wounded in separate explosions north of Baghdad, according to police and relatives.

    The bombs may have been intended for US troops

    One man lost both his hands in a blast east of the central Iraqi city of Baquba, his brother Fadl Ismail said on Saturday.

    The cause of the explosion that occurred on Friday afternoon in an agricultural field could not be immediately established.

    Further north in Mosul, another man was seriously wounded when he stepped on a booby-trapped pile of trash, police Captain Ammar Abd Allah al-Juhuri told news agency AFP.

    The blast in Mosul's downtown Hay al-Bahat neighbourhood happened on a street used by US army patrols, said Juhuri.

    Iraqis and US-led troops are often hurt or killed by improvised explosive devices manufactured by anti-coalition guerillas and planted on the sides of roads.



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