More attacks on US forces in Iraq

Resistance fighters in Iraq continue to forcus their attacks on American military forces in the country.

    Resistance attacks on US forces now average 30 a day

    Aljazeera’s correspondent in Baghdad, Beiba Wild Mhadi, reports two blasts were heard early on Thursday near the Green area where the occupying troops are based.


    The area houses government buildings and the Presidential Palace Compound, headquarters of the US forces and leaders of the Iraqi occupation.


    Mhadi said US army helicopters hovered over the capital on Thursday morning, especially in the al-Doura area. There have been no immediate reports of possible casualties or damage.


    Anti-occupation fighters in Iraq have stepped up their campaign against US forces in recent weeks. The number of attacks on US targets is now averaging around 30 a day. 




    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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