Ebadi pleads for peace

Iranian Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi has expressed hope that her homeland would not be subjected to any military strikes.

    Ebadi is the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel

    "We hope that there will be no attack against Iran, because Iran does not have the atomic bomb and the Iranian people are peaceful. After so many years of war, they are tired of conflict," Ebadi said.

    The first Muslim woman to win the Nobel, Ebabi's comments came amid escalating tensions between Iran and the West, particularly the United States.

    US accuses Iran of secretly developing nuclear weapons, an accusation that Iran has steadfastly denied.

    Ebadi's was speaking on Italy's independent television channel La 7.

    Delivering a message to marchers of a peace rally in Italy, Ebadi said "people who believe in religion are against all forms of violence and terrorism."

    "You have heard it in the message of the pope: where there's God, there's love," she said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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