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Spaceship splashes into Pacific

An unmanned Russian space ship has splashed into the Pacific as scheduled after taking food and fuel to the orbiting International Space Station.

    M1-10 had taken food and fuel to an orbiting space station

    A Mission Control spokesman said on Friday that the Progress M1-10, which sent to connect to the 16-nation space station, plunged back into water after controllers had initiated its descent.

    The space cargo ship had been in orbit since 4 September when it uncoupled from the space station manned by an American and a Russian.

    "Everything went as planned. Progress M1-10 has finished its work and no longer exists," the spokesman announced.

    "It entered the atmosphere and started burning and then whatever was left of it hit the water," he said.

     A new crew is scheduled to blast off in a Soyuz spacecraft from Kazakhstan to the orbiting platform on 18 October to replace the present team who have been in space since April.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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