Aljazeera deplores cameraman's arrest

Aljazeera has denounced the arrest and continued incarceration of its cameramen arrested in the Baquba district in Iraq.

    US forces near Baquba detained Nussaif as he filmed a protest

    Salah Nussaif was arrested on 3 October while covering a demonstration in the town of Shahbanyat al-Muqdadya. According to Iraqi police, they are under strict US orders not to release Nussaif.

    Nussaif has yet to be charged with any offence.

    Aljazeera officials said at the weekend the detention of Nussaif, “is viewed as a flagrant attack on freedom of the press, and yet another undue attempt at influencing the media”.

    This incident comes on the heels of a decision taken by the Iraqi Governing Council to ban Aljazeera temporarily from covering official activities in Iraq.

    In recent months, nine Aljazeera reporters and employees have been arrested, with eight of those individuals being subsequently released without charge.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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