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Tunisia and Libya plan gas venture

Tunisia and Libya are to set up a company to operate a gas pipeline as part of their cooperation in the energy field.

    A 275km-long pipeline will carry two billion cubic metres of gas

    The company, Jointgaz, which will have its headquarters in Tunisia, is the result of an agreement between the state-owned Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) and Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC), an official said on Saturday in Tunis.
    Jointgaz will operate 275km of pipeline that will allow two billion cubic metres of natural gas per year to flow between the Melilla area of Libya and the southern Tunisian city of Gabes.
    The Tunisian Minister of Industry and Energy, Fathi Mardassi, and the head of NOC, Abd al-Hafid Zlitni, jointly chaired Friday's meeting to set up the company.

    They drew up future plans and the "practical measures that will allow this company to begin its activities" and applauded the creation of Jointgaz, which, they said, marked a new step in energy cooperation between the two north African countries.




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