Brazil cops get away with murder - literally

A United Nations envoy investigating extrajudicial killings in Brazil has said the country's police often get away with murder.

    Human rights groups say police executions are common

    Asma Jahangir made the comments during a fact-finding mission in Brazil on Tuesday, where human rights activists say summary executions by police are commonplace.

    "I can say with great sadness that I find a number of cases

    where police have been alleged to have committed extrajudicial

    killings and there is overwhelming evidence that that could

    have happened," Jahangir, the UN Special Rapporteur on

    Executions, said.

    "I can also say that in these cases I find strong

    indications that the police get away with murder, literally

    with murder."

    On Saturday, a 24-year-old man was gunned down in the

    northeastern state of Paraiba just days after he met with


    Death squad

    The victim was believed to have had information that

    could identify members of a death squad operating in the area.


    I find strong

    indications that the police get away with murder, literally

    with murder"


    Asma Jahangir,
    UN special rapporteur on Executions

    The UN envoy is scheduled to meet government and police

    officials in six states and the Federal District of Brasilia,

    as well as with human rights groups and relatives of death

    squad victims.

    Jahangir's visit follows the release of a damning human

    rights report that denounced widespread abuses and corruption

    by Brazilian police forces.

    The report by the Global Justice Centre and the Centre for

    Afro-Brazilian Studies

    documents the execution of 335 people in 24 of the country's 27

    states since 1997.

    It said authorities failed to take any

    action to bring the perpetrators to justice in 202 of those


    SOURCE: Agencies


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