Japan seeks smaller veggies

Japanese retailer Aeon Co Ltd will stock quarter-size cabbages, half-size radishes and other miniature-style vegetables next month to cater for the increasing number of people living alone.

    New seed types to be imported from number of different countries

    Aeon made the decision after experiencing strong demand during sales trials of the mini vegetables.
    The new vaierty of radishes, each is roughly 20-25 centimetres (eight-10 inch) long, was developed with Syngenta Seeds of Switzerland, company spokeswoman Naoko Ueda told AFP.

    It is called “Aji Ichiban (Taste Number One).” 

    Big up da Radish

    Aeon will start selling the radishes in early November in about 270 directly-operated Jusco stores. Quarter-size Chinese cabbages, which weigh about 800 grammes each will also be introduced in late November.
    “We are also planning to launch mini pumpkins and burdocks” although it is yet to be decided when they will make their debuts, she said.
    “A growing number of people, especially in urban areas, live alone and they cannot consume large vegetables by themselves,” she said.
    Smaller breeds are also good news for Japan's ageing farming population, as they are easier to harvest, she said.

    About 41% of households in Tokyo comprised only one person in 2000, according to the latest census, AFP reported.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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