Exiled Fujimori to run for presidency

Alberto Fujimori, the former Peruvian president currently in exile in Japan, has announced plans to run for the presidential elections in 2006.

    Fujimori has been in exile in Japan since November 2000

    Wanted in Peru on human rights and corruption charges, Fujimori for the first time since he fled Peru said he was actively working towards his candidacy.

    "I am working for my candidacy in 2006," Fujimori said in Tokyo.

    The ex-Peruvian president has been living in exile in Japan since November 2000.

    "I can't say when I will go back to Peru. That will depend on the way in which the political battle order develops and the disposition of the forces. But I don’t rule out campaigning there, although for now, I will do it from here," he said.

    "It's not impossible, there's nothing stopping me in this"


    lberto Fujimori,
    ex-Peruvian President

    His campaigning would consist of "defending myself against the false and unsubstantiated charges. Then I will explain my plans for government," Fujimori said.

    Protests innocence

    The former president said the nine separate legal proceedings against him relating to allegations of corruption, torture and crimes against humanity were unfounded.

    "It's not impossible, there's nothing stopping me in this," he said, elaborating on his planned candidacy.

    The Peruvian government has requested for Fujimori's extradition on 31 July, but the application is still being considered by Japan.

    Japan has so far refused to hand Fujimori over to Peru, saying the country cannot legally extradite its nationals.

    Though born in Peru, Fujimori qualified to be a Japanese national since his parents were Japanese.



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