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Avalanche kills Himalayan mountaineers

An avalanche on the slopes of Mount Panchachuli in northern India has killed seven mountaineers of a nine-member expedition team.

    The climbers died while scaling the peak in north India

    Officials on Sunday said that the two remaining mountaineers were also missing. They were all caught up in a snow storm as they descended the 13,920-foot peak.

    "Seven bodies were recovered and two others are still missing. Rescue teams cannot go up because of the poor weather," Navin Chander Sharma of the Indo-Tibetian Police Force said.

    The ill-fated climbers all served in the Indo-Tibetan Force, a paramilitary group specialising in mountain terrain.

    Most were experienced climbers and two of them, including expedition leader Sanjay Singh, had scaled the world's tallest peak Mount Everest, earlier.

    A massive sheet of snow slid down from the summit of Panchachuli on Saturday, when the mountaineers lost contact with their base camp, officials said.



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