Jordan to train Iraqi troops

Jordan will train about 30,000 Iraqi police and troops with the first batch expected in the kingdom shortly.

    Jordan King says sending troops to Iraq ''sensitive''

    The first group includes 3000 Iraqis, said King Abd Allah II on Monday during an interview with AFP. 

    Each course will last for eight weeks and will be attended by 1500 Iraqis. 

    An initial 100 Iraqi instructors will be trained in the Jordanian police academy, said Abd Allah, adding it is likely there would also be training for the military.

    King Abd Allah said Amman had ruled out sending its own police or military to Iraq.

    “Having Jordanian soldiers or policemen walking in the streets of Iraq, I don’t think it is fair to the Iraqis, nor to any of its neighbours,” he said.
    “We told the Iraqis, anything you want from our institutions, (you’re welcome). Here in Jordan but to go there, I think it is sensitive,” said Abd Allah.



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