Tennis stars' sister shot dead

The sister of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams has been killed in a shooting in the Compton area of Los Angeles.

    Williams' were initially brought up in LA before moving to Florida for tennis camp

    Police were hunting for the suspects near a residence on Sunday, authorities said.
    Yetunde Price, 31, the older sister of the tennis stars, was with a male companion in a white sports utility vehicle when they became “involved in a confrontation with some
    local residents,” Sheriff's deputy Scott Butler told AFP.
    "One of the local residents pulled a weapon out and began to shoot and the female victim was shot in the upper torso and transported to hospital where she died," police spokesman Richard Pena told KABC-TV Los Angeles.
    The shooting took place in the early morning hours of Sunday. According to police, deputies were on patrol when they heard multiple gunshots.
    Homicide investigators and gang detectives are investigating the crime.

    Venus and Serena are the youngest of five daughters of Richard and Oracene  Williams. Though the family lived in Los Angeles, they later moved to Florida, where Venus and Serena attended a training camp for tennis players.



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