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Fire destroys historic bikes

As many as 650 of the world’s most desirable motorbikes were destroyed by a huge blaze that tore through a museum in central England.

    Some of the world's most beautiful bikes were torched in the inferno

    The damage caused by the fire was estimated to be about 8 million pounds ($12.7 million), though much more serious for bike fans, many of the destroyed machines are irreplaceable.


    “They are absolutely devastated,” an unidentified West Midlands fire service spokesman told AFP. “Part of our heritage has been destroyed. (The owner) lost his fastest, most expensive, record-breaking bikes in the fire.”


    The fire started at about 1600 GMT on Wednesday. It consumed both of the main halls at the National Motorcycle Museum, leaving the place a blackened shell.


    Firemen are investigating the cause of the blaze, though as yet, have no clue as to its cause.


    Nobody was injured although about 100 people were evacuated. More than 120 firemen tackled the inferno.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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