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Mumbai bomber 'shot dead'

Indian police claim to have shot dead the alleged mastermind behind last month's twin bomb blasts in Mumbai. They also killed one of his accomplices.

    The blasts killed more than 50 people

    The two men were shot in the Mumbai suburb of Matunga. One of them, known to police as Nasir, was believed to have organised the 25 August car bomb attacks which killed 52 people and injured more than 150 in India’s financial centre.

    The police did not identify Nasir’s companion. They said they’d been tracking the pair on the basis of leads obtained during their on-going investigation into the blasts.
    Satya Pal Singh, joint commissioner of Mumbai police, told Reuters that the two men opened fire when the car in which they were travelling was ordered to stop on Friday.

    “They shot at the police from their vehicle and the police retaliated, killing them both,” Singh said.

    After the suspects were confirmed dead, police searched the car and found explosives, detonators and small arms.

    So far, five people, including a teenage girl and her parents, have been detained in connection with the bombings.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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