Gambian mother's five-fold joy

Mariama Tamba is a mother in 50 million ... after giving birth to a set of healthy quintuplets in Birkama, 22km south of the capital Banjul, hospital staff said on Sunday.

    The healthy quintuplets were born 22km south of the capital

    For those are the amazing odds of giving birth to five babies without fertility treatment.

    Staff said first-time mother Mariama, 22, had four girls and a boy on Saturday and all were in satisfactory condition.

    Multiple births often suffer serious health problems associated with low birth weight and premature delivery.

    Hospital staff said they believed Tamba had not had fertility treatment, which is often linked with multiple births.
    The chances of conceiving quintuplets without fertility
    treatment have been estimated at one in 50 million, though those odds can vary in different parts of the world.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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