Three killed in Israeli attacks

In two separate attacks in Gaza on Saturday, Israeli troops killed three people, including two Hamas fighters, even as fighting erupted in Jenin.

    The car that carried the two Hamas fighters, destroyed by Israeli missiles

    An Israeli army helicopter fired several missiles at a car in the Bureij refugee camp killing two Hamas fighters while in the other incident an eight-year-old Palestinian girl was killed by an Israeli tank shell.


    Palestinian security officials said Abd Allah Aqel, the leader of the Islamic group's military Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades in central Gaza, was killed in the missile

    strike along with Brigades member Farid Mayet.


    In the other incident, the Palestinian girl was killed by an Israeli tank shell while riding her bike near her home in Khan Younis, a town adjacent to a Jewish settlement, Palestinian security sources and medics said.


    In Jenin, fighting erupted between Palestinian fighters and Israeli occupation forces.


    "We hope our friends, the Americans, will intervene to prevent deterioration of the situation"

    Nabil Amr,                   Palestinian Information Minister

    Our correspondent reported that it happened when Israeli tanks attacked the al-Marah district and surrounded a fighter’s house.


    Call to US


    Palestinian Information Minister Nabil Amr said the attacks on the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza destroyed any chance for talks with Israel and called on the US to intervene and halt the cycle of violence.


    "This attack will undermine our efforts to bring in peace and will also put an end to any hopes to resume the process," Amr said. "We hope our friends, the Americans, will intervene to prevent deterioration of the situation."


    Meanwhile, at least 10,000 people joined in the funeral march for the two Hamas fighters, firing in the air, calling for revenge and chanting "(Israeli Prime Minister) Sharon, prepare the coffins!"


    On Friday, the US State Department said both sides had to act to advance the peace "road map", which among other things aims at establishing an independent Palestinian

    state by 2005.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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