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Israeli planes breach Lebanese airspace

Lebanon’s Hizb Allah resistance group has opened fire on Israeli warplanes violating the country’s airspace.

    Israeli soldiers maintain presence on border with Lebanon

    Two Israeli planes broke the sound barrier over the southern towns of Hasbaya and Marjayoun on Sunday, according to police.

    The resistance group confirmed in a statement that its anti-aircraft batteries opened fire on the planes.

    The group has warned Israel against violating Lebanon’s airspace, saying it breaches the country’s sovereignty.

    Hizb Allah, which the United States includes on a list of so-called “terrorist” groups, ousted Israeli occupation forces from south Lebanon in May 2000, following a 22-year occupation.

    It holds a number of seats in parliament, runs charities, hospitals and a number of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

    SOURCE: Agencies


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