Abbas in summit with resistance groups

Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmud Abbas, is to hold talks with resistance groups on Tuesday about the state of a troubled ceasefire with Israel.

    Premier will try to coax fighters to maintain the truce with Israel

    Abbas will try to persuade groups such as Hamas and

    Islamic Jihad to stick with the truce, which is

    in danger of unravelling

     beacuse of continuing Israeli violations.

    "We will meet Abu Mazen (Abbas) tonight at

    1800 GMT," senior Islamic Jihad official Muhammad al-Hindi said


    He added "all the Palestinian groups until this moment are committed to the ceasefire", but

     Israeli violations of the truce have

    escalated "and will not go unanswered".


    US President George Bush on Tuesday said the Palestinian Authority could - with US help - "dismantle and destroy" groups he said were opposed to peace.


    Senior Hamas figure Ismail Haniya also confirmed his group

    will hold talks with Abbas on Wednesday morning.

    "All the Palestinian groups until this moment are committed to the ceasefire"

    Muhammad al-Hindi
    Islamic Jihad


    But Haniya said it would be "too early" to discuss the extension of

    the three-month truce with Abbas.

    The truce on anti-Israel attacks was called by Palestinian resistance groups on 29 June.

    In return for the ceasefire the groups expected Israel to halt attacks against its members.

    But Israel says the truce is unilateral and it is not bound by its


    The truce has appeared to be in danger of unravelling after a spate of attacks by Israel against resistance groups.

    This was followed last week by a Palestinian bombing in Israel which killed two people.


    SOURCE: Reuters


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