Corsican dissident group claims bombings

A splinter group of Corsican separatists Sunday claimed responsibility for a string of bomb attacks on the Mediterranean island this year.

    Most attacks are on vacant houses or symbolic French targets at night

    The Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC), a group that first appeared in October 2002, claimed in a communiqué that it was responsible for some 12 blasts on Corsica in June and July.

    It also said it was responsibility for an explosion that tore through a post-office on 14 July, France’s Bastille day.

    The dissident group claims is a splinter of the FLNC - Union of Combattants, AFP reported.

    Corsica is the poorest and most heavily subsidised part of France, which took possession of it more than 200 years ago.

    Corsican nationalists have for the past twenty years being mounting low level attacks on French targets such as post offices or police stations.

    The island is largely economically dependent on government hand-outs and tourism.



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